2019 Volunteer Rugby Gala & Awards Banquet

The 2019 Volunteer Rugby Gala and Awards Banquet was held Saturday night at the Knoxville Convention Center. Over 200 attended the 2019 celebration of UT Rugby which included annual awards, scholarship presentations and the induction of 6 into the Captain’s Circle.

Scholar Athlete of the Year – Duquesne Cook

Honors the student athlete that have not only performed at a high level on the rugby field but also has achieved a high level of academic excellence in the classroom.

Character and Sportsmanship Award – Dillon Dixon
Honors the student athlete that has exhibited a high level of character and sportsmanship both on and off the field.

Dedication Award – Daniel Anderson
Honors the student athlete that has shown a commitment and deep devotion to the team both on and off the field. Many times they are doing the work behind the scenes that are so critical for our success as a team and club.

Hartley Award for Inspirational Leadership – Zach McAfee
Named after one of the most prolific and vocal leaders to ever pull on a Tennessee jersey, this award recognizes that teammate that has the ability to lift a team with both his performance and his communication.

Dylan Craven | Duquesne Cook | Keenan Kayser | Sam Hawkins

Originally awarded to players that started and finished every A and B side match for the entire year. Over the years the parameters were adjusted as the team grew and the competitive environment changed. The qualifications shifted from an annual award to a career achievement award that recognized graduating student athletes that played 4 years of collegiate rugby. To qualify, the student athlete must have held a leadership role with the team and played at the varsity level.

Dawson Moseley

Creighton Couch | Tommy Lane | Patrick Beacom

Dylan Craven
Sam Hawkins
Duquesne Cook
Drew Davis
Garrett Montgomery
Nesto Rivas
Zach McAfee
Chris Leatherwood
Keenan Kayser

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