Robertson Endowment

The Robertson Endowment was created to provide the men’s rugby club at the University of Tennessee with the resources to assure the stability, success, and growth of the men’s rugby club for future generations.

Primary preference shall be to use funds from the endowment to recruit, hire, and retain an outstanding coach and leader for the men’s rugby club. Terms of the coach’s contract will be established through the Office of RecSports in the Division of Student Life.

If additional funds are available, they may be used to assist the club’s areas of greatest need. This may include but not be limited to:
A. Scholarships or awards based on merit or financial need
B. Additional coaching and internship positions for coaching and administrative duties of the men’s rugby club
C. Jerseys, equipment, and other resources necessary to field a competitive team
D. Event registration fees
E. Travel to and from competitive events including transportation, meals, and lodging
F. Other items that provide stability, success, and growth of the men’s rugby club

The Director of the UTK Office of Financial Aid, along with input from the Director of RecSports and the UTK Rugby Scholarship Selection Committee will determine how and how much of the annual earnings will be awarded.